Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Documentation Required

* Translation: ANY document that is in language other than English and forms part of the application should be and is requited to be translated by a locally state or city authorized translator. He will translate and attest the translations to be true and also provide his registration certification copy as an authorized translator.

* A copy of passport of all family members who are part of the application is required. The copy should include COVER of the passport and ALL pages of the passport.

* Documentation of educational level (diploma, examination certificate): Please note that documents provided should include all degrees/diplomas and mark sheets. They are required ONLY for post senior secondary qualifications, which will means graduation, post graduation and doctorate. In addition, it is required that applicant provides the Full address, email and phone number of the educational institution. The applicant should also provide name, phone and email ID of two officials of the Educational institution.

* Documentation of work experience (statement from previous employer); this will be reference letters from employers that contain all relevant details like date of joining and relieving, designation(s), duties and responsibilities- on the lines it is required for Australia and Canada.

* Documentation of language skills (diploma, test results and/or statement from previous employer).

* Documentation that you can support yourself during your first year in Denmark. This can be provided in the form of a bank statement in your and if married, in spousal name.

The currency of Denmark is Danish Krone (Dkk) and 1 Dkk is around PKR 15+. The form of government is a parliamentary democracy with a royal head of state. Denmark is a developed industrialized country. Denmark is a member of the European Union. The population stands at c. 5,511 million and 85% of the population lives in towns.

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